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Oil Painting Knowledge Sharing - The Charm of Hand-painted Oil Painting

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2018/03/19 17:32

With the progress of people's life, hand-painted oil painting has become the most popular art decoration and investment collection nowadays.

Yihui Oil Painting creates a variety of styles and types of paintings for homes. The strict quality requirements and unique design standards create a unique oil painting for you.

The artistic value of hand painting

Hand-painted oil paintings are bright, colourful, with distinct themes and rich cultural tastes. The decoration of the home environment not only helps to break the monotony of home decoration, but also creates a style with rich cultural characteristics for the home, which will also make the home environment More warm, romantic and full of flavor. Moreover, the diversity of styles and types also meets the needs of home decoration in different decoration environments.

In addition, its own high collection value is also unmatched by ordinary decorative painting. As a result, hand-painted oil paintings have become the most popular art decoration and investment collection nowadays.

Demand for purely hand-painted oil paintings is also rising. The average consumer is either customizing or purchasing through a gallery or a professional gallery. Many works have not only been favored by many art galleries and individuals abroad, but also have successfully attracted foreign oil painting collections and home improvement enthusiasts. Therefore, the artistic value of hand-painted oil paintings is relatively high.

Pure hand-painted oil painting maintenance knowledge

1. Oil paintings should avoid long-term direct sunlight, because ultraviolet rays are very destructive to color and cause fading and discoloration.

2. The damp pictures must be dried slowly, avoid exposure, otherwise the picture will fall off easily;

3. The room where the oil painting is hung should be ventilated and damp-proof. Take away from the bathroom and the kitchen as far as possible. Pay attention to prevent the damage caused by dust, soot and mildew to the canvas. The room should be maintained at a certain temperature and humidity;

4. Oil paintings should not be affixed to the two screens. Once the temperature rises, it may cause the screens to stick together, causing the oil paint to fall off and the screen to be damaged. If you encounter a long, cracked oil painting, you must use less water and dry it. You can wipe it; general oil paintings can be preserved for two to three hundred years. Over time, some oil paintings may crack after decades. Therefore, if you have a lot of collectibles, those that do not hang can be covered with plastic cloth. Get up and put it in a wooden box.

5. Long-term hanging oil on the surface will be covered with dust, you can gently wipe with a damp clean cloth; if there is oil on the top, you can use a little bit of soapy water and water gently try to scrub, and then quickly take The water-absorbing thing sucks the water on the screen, and then blows the water off with an electric fan;

6. When painting oil paintings, it is advisable to roll the oil painting outwards and roll it into a thigh-like thick tube.

7. Oil paintings are extremely fragile and should be prevented from being punctured by items like sticks. If you accidentally touch a minor flaw, you can use warm water to level the surface of the painting.

Hand-painted oil painting true and false to distinguish little common sense

The most important element of oil painting is color. The color is different from the color on the palette. The painter never put the color on the palette, that is, the paint produced by the factory, on the canvas. These colors must be meticulously artistically modulated by the artist in order to obtain the harmony of the softness, vividness of color, and the matching of color blocks and color blocks. This is what people usually call tune or tone. The color of an oil painting cannot be a colorful patchwork, it can not be complicated, it is dazzling, and it should be formed to reflect the tendency of a certain color, and unpredictable, subtle and delicate picture effects. Looking at the addition of a pen with oil paintings, there is no bright and dark light and shadow relationship. The meticulous touch, under the strong light from the back of the canvas, the edge of the object in the screen is generally not too neat, a little place feels light, the thickness is not uniform, the main use of the finger stick a little water in the dark color of the place to wipe There will be no color on the fingers, and white paper is acceptable because the oil paint is oily and insoluble in water.

Color tone is the soul of oil painting. There is no tone, that is to say, if a painting does not form a tone and there is no combination of color blocks that are both harmonious and varied, then the oil painting can be said to have failed to reach the pass line. Of course, there is certainly a person with taste and personality. Pursuit of pure hand-painting is simply not the same thing as a cheap print and pure hand-painted oil painting.