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Child's graffiti is the starting point of art! Real art!

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2018/03/19 17:27

The real artist is teaching children how to draw

The golden words that “Do not stifle children’s creative talents and encourage them to substitute for advice” are all well-known. However, how to carry out introductory education without destroying the child’s artistic nature is a difficult problem. Canadian artist Ruth Oosterman released her paintings with her two-year-old daughter on a blog, which just took a practical lesson for the troubled parents.

Ruth Oosterman allowed her daughter to paint on the canvas, even if her little hand applied the carbon wire to the drawing board and never corrected it.

When her daughter could draw more coherent lines and rough outlines, Ruth understood her painting intentions and applied watercolors to the original paintings to try to restore the world in her daughter’s eyes. The first collaborative work “Red Boat” was completed. Now.

The daughter who expresses her sense of persuasion gains greater motivation. Now she is accustomed to sitting in front of the drawing board.

Ruth's life motto is that Picasso's "hopes to paint like a child all his life." Therefore, in interaction with her daughter's painting, Ruth took a lot of inspiration from her and made the mother and daughter's artistic journey full. Laugh.

Ruth's “freedom from nothing” education is the only pleasure given to her daughter, and this happiness is the only motivation for children to create art. Perhaps you as a parent do not have professional art knowledge, but the joy of sharing art with children is something that everyone can do. This is the simplest and most effective art entry education.

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"Original" children's drawing teaching model allows children to draw the world in their eyes.

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