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Pure hand-painted oil painting

Industry News
2018/03/19 17:11

Pure hand-painted oil painting The perfect embellishment of the happy life Whether it is the decoration of the home environment, embellishment, or the commemoration of marriage and gifts between friends, hand-painted oil painting is always an indispensable ideal choice. This is not only because of the richness and exquisiteness of its picture quality, but also the exquisite and unique design and production of the picture frame. It also means that its decoration will not only bring me visually beautiful enjoyment and spiritual comfort.

As we all know, many oil paintings have a long preservation time and the value of collection and decoration. They also do not appear yellow, faded, or blurred with the change of time. In addition, the biggest feature of hand-painted oil painting is the simplicity of its production. Only one artwork or photograph can be used for identification. A professional hand painter can draw a beautiful oil painting equivalent to the image based on the image. Although the images are taken from photographs, the colors, light and shadows, strokes, and texture of the oil paintings, together with the exquisite picture frames, create far more artistic charm than photographs. It is not only a simple image reproduction, but also a unique expression of your emotions. Moreover, hand-painted oil paintings not only possess strong artistic brilliance, but also rich cultural connotations and cultural details. Its variety of styles and types makes it suitable for a variety of decoration style home environment. As a result, it has become the finest artistic decoration in our lives.

Through the decoration and ornamentation of the hand-painted oil paintings coordinated with the home decoration style, my entire home is not only full of vigor and vitality, but also the overall home atmosphere has become particularly elegant and romantic. Whether it is the living room, the bedroom or the study, I am given different kinds of physical and mental enjoyment and spiritual comfort and relaxation. Of course, the choice of hand-painted oil paintings must not only be coordinated and consistent with the home decoration style, but also the selection of works is particularly critical. Good works not only bring infinite artistic charm to homes, but also can be used for appreciation and preservation of art collections.

Yihui's oil paintings, which are available in a variety of styles and types of purely hand-painted oil paintings, not only have nearly 100 contracted fixed professional painters, but also have many years of rich experience in oil painting design and production teams, and are able to meet the individual needs of different customers. To design arbitrary patterns and sizes. And always uphold adhering to the "professional people do professional things," the talent strategy, strict control of quality, closely around the "tailored" theme, with dedicated creative design for individuals, public places to provide perfect hand-painted services; To provide customers with space aesthetic design close to the heart, to meet the customer's psychological needs of work attitude and excellent service attitude also makes Yihui oil painting products are exported to all parts of the world, deeply praised and loved by many art galleries and customers at home and abroad.

The decoration of the oil painting works at home has improved the home environment and enhanced home taste. At the same time, its embellishment has brought us a new experience of physical and mental enjoyment and visual experience.