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Do you know the most expensive ten oil paintings in the world?

Industry News
2018/03/19 17:07
Do you know the most expensive ten oil paintings in the world? Oil painting works have attracted the attention of every art lover in the world. These works are world-famous. Are they merely abstract information or tones conveyed by the painter? This world is fortunate to be given masterpieces by many masters. The most painted friends, art connoisseurs, together to prove the true value of these masters.
Tenth "Moulin Rouge Ball" for $ 78.1 million Author: Renoir (France)
Auguste Renoir is a French Impressionist painter and the "Moulin Rouge Dance Party" was created in 1876. Many people are depicted in the paintings, giving crowded and lively impressions. On the whole, he retains the impression of the Impressionist foreign light and stains, giving the overall tone and atmosphere of the picture a fierce, flickering, strong effect. In 1990, this work was sold at a high price of $78.1 million. The buyer was Ryoei Saito, a Japanese man who was crazy about Gachet. The Orse Museum in France has collected another similar work of the same name.
Ninth "error Start" for $ 80 million Author: Justin Bayle Jones (United States)
Jasper Johns is one of the representatives of the “New Dada Art” in the United States. “New Dada Art” is the precursor of “Pop Art”, emphasizing the elements of daily life, “Art is related to great art and it is related to life” . This "False Start" was created in 1959. Various colors on the screen and the English words that identify them are randomly misplaced. In the fall of 2006, it was purchased by an unknown buyer and set a record for auctions of artists living in the world.
Eighth place: Monet's "Water Lilies" priced at $80,451,178
Skyworth "Water Lilies", Monet shocked the art circle. This is the highest bid for Christie's auction house in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.
Seventh "Portrait of Doctor Gachet", priced at 82.5 million US dollars, Author: Van Gogh
The Dutch certainly have an addictive passion for art and craftsmanship. Impressionist master Van Gogh made his portrait of the psychiatrist physician, Dr. Gage, glow in the early 21st century. When the Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito took this picture for 82.5 million US dollars, the painting is known worldwide. In order to completely satisfy his attachment to the painting, Ryoei Saito hopes to bury the painting in his own grave when he dies. But later this painting was left in the world and was collected by the Musée d'Orsay in 1996.
Sixth "Triptych 1976" for $ 86,280,000 of: Francis Bacon (British)
The British painter Francis Bacon is one of the most important painters of the 20th century in England. Triptych 1976 was sold at a high price of 86.28 million US dollars at Sotheby's New York in the United States, setting a new record for modern paintings and this British artist's work, becoming one of the most expensive contemporary art paintings.
Fifth "Daura Mara and the Cat" for $ 95.2 million Author: Picasso
Picasso is famous for its controversial personality and its brushwork. In this painting created in 1941, he expressed his unconditional love for his mistress, Doramar, who was also a pioneer artist at the time. In 2006, Doramar's portrait shot $95.2 million in Sotheby's at auction, more than double the estimated price.
Fourth site: "Take the boy pipe", priced at 104 million US dollars, Author: Picasso (Spain)
The Boy with a Pipe shows Picasso's tribute to a diversified and shrinking society. It depicts all aspects of the complex society under attack from the plague. Picasso created the picture using a mixture of gray-orange and pink colors. In 2004, this painting was sold at Sotheby's auction house for $104 million.
The third "Adele Bloch-Bauer I", priced at 135 million US dollars, Author: Klimt (Austria)
Born in Vienna, Klimt inherited the traditions of the pre-Raphaelite and French Impressionists in his early years of painting. Later he began to introduce the decorative tastes of Assyrian, Greek, and Byzantine mosaics into his paintings. The craftsmanship has reached the extreme, the artistic style is magnificent and gorgeous. The
This "Adele Bloch-Paul I" was titled "Mona Lisa of Austria". It was Klimt's wife and wife, Bloch Bauer's wife, Adele, in 1907. The portrait of the painting is also called "Golden Adele". It was collected by American tycoon Ronald Lauder for $135 million in June 2006.
Second place "Woman III" for $ 137.5 million Author: de Kooning
"Women III" is one of the six paintings created by the Abstract Expressionist painter on the subject of women. It was 68 inches long and 48.5 inches wide and was completed in 1953. In November 2006, the painting was sold to billionaire Steven A. Cohen by David Geffen for $137.5 million, becoming the second-highest selling price ever.
The first, "No. 5, 1948", the price of 140 million US dollars, Author: Pollock (USA)
Winning the most expensive paintings in history, Pollock will sleep for this $140 million painting that is storming on an elegant 4x8 foot canvas with the artist's unique splash technique. Design and set aside oil paint. The fanatical buyer of this painting is David Geffen, who bought this painting in 2006.