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How to choose a living room decoration painting

Industry News
2018/03/19 16:55
How to choose a living room decoration painting? How to choose a living room decoration painting The decoration and decoration of the living room show the owner's appreciation of taste and comprehensive quality. The culture of the inhabitants, hobbies, and personalized rendering can be fully demonstrated here. Many modern families choose to use decorative painting to decorate the living room. This is the easiest way. It is flexible and changeable at any time. It is very suitable for people who are easily fatigued. Then, in the face of distinctive decorative paintings, what is good for living room decoration paintings? How can we choose decorative paintings that can add charm to our home?
In the past, many home interiors did not pay attention to decorative paintings and thought that it was superfluous. Even if some families placed decorative paintings, the contents of the paintings would also be flowers, fish and insects. With the improvement of people’s aesthetic tastes, the selection of decorative paintings must also comply with the overall interior decoration style. Right now, more and more people like the simple and modern style of modern decoration.
Abstract painting has always been seen as a difficult art,
However, it can play a crucial role in the modern decoration style home.
Although many people do not understand the content of the painting, they know whether the painting is good-looking. This is enough for ordinary families.
Modern style homes are equipped with simple abstract paintings, which can play a role in promoting space.
The first place to enter the house is the place where you should put the most decorative painting, so that you will not feel that the home wall is empty.
The line of sight is not good, but it also produces freshness.
How to choose the living room decoration painting, in the past people thought that the decoration painting can only be placed in the middle of a wall, but in the current design, many designers like to put decorative paintings in the corner. The corner refers to the interior space corners, such as the 90-degree corner of the living room's two walls. Like the more popular sofa combination L-shaped sofas in recent years, the corner decorative paintings also have the same purpose. Corner decoration painting is not very strict with the space requirements and can give people a comfortable feeling. On the two walls of the corner, two paintings are placed on one wall, and the other wall is placed on the same style of a painting to form an L-shaped combination on the wall. This asymmetrical beauty can increase the taste of the layout. There will be no feeling of restraint. In addition, the corner decorative paintings also have the effect of changing the line of sight to remind the owner of space transformation.
For example, placing decorative paintings on the way from the living room to the bedroom can serve as a guide.
Not only can the decorative painting be placed behind the sofa in the living room, on the wall behind the TV, in the bedroom, but also on the wall outside the kitchen, balcony, and villa. However, it is worth noting that, when placed, the colors are matched according to different spaces. The interior of a general modern home improvement style is mainly white, and when it is equipped with decorative paintings, it is mainly yellow-red. Do not choose passive, lifeless decorative paintings. Try to choose vivid and lively colors in the living room.
If the interior decoration is very stable, such as walnut color, you can choose advanced gray, partial artistic decoration painting.
The shape of the decorative painting should echo the shape of the space. If the wall of the space on which the decorative painting is placed is a rectangle, then a single decorative painting of the same shape or a combination of decorative paintings that are more popular nowadays can be selected, especially the combination of decorative paintings, different arrangement manners and spacings, and different effects can be achieved. However, if there is a need for semi-circular decorative painting in some places, you can only make a fuss on the screen. For example, you can leave room for space because there is no semi-circular decorative frame on the market. After choosing a decorative painting, you can also get some more innovative decorations, such as small sculptures, handmade ashtrays, etc., echoing the details in the decorative painting, but also to achieve unexpected results. Buying Yihui Oil Painting will bring you an extraordinary visual aesthetic to enjoy a good life from Yihui!