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The price of paintings has gone up again, and it has risen faster than housing prices. Rich people are rushing to the painting a

Industry News
2018/03/19 16:52
Thepriceofpaintinghasgoneupagainandithasrisenfasterthanhousingprices. 1,Theartworkishot,themoneyismuchless,andthesmallmarketishardtofind Asthelargeartmarketcontinuestorise,theinvestmentinsmallmarketsh
The price of painting has gone up again and it has risen faster than housing prices.
1, The artwork is hot, the money is much less, and the small market is hard to find
As the large art market continues to rise, the investment in small markets has also risen. The business of many small galleries has also earned a “full house”.
Liuhe Church was founded in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. After dozens of years of shutting down, it was re-listed in Beijing West Liulichang Factory in 2003 and now settled in Beijing Dazhongsi Aijia Collectibles Market.
In the 60-square-meter Liuhetang shop, there are a lot of famous paintings, including Shi Guoliang, Sun Qifeng, and Liu Wenxi.
The person in charge, Ms. Jing, told reporters that the hot spring shoots led to the sale of art works in the gallery, even to the point where it was difficult to obtain a picture.
Ms. Jing chatted with her in the store and found that there were few customers who came to the store. This was in contrast to the hot scene that Ms. Jing described. When asked, Ms. Jing said that galleries are not the same as customers who come and go in the food market. In fact, people who actually come to the store to find paintings are actually few. They usually find the shop directly by phone. During the chat, the phone rang.
It is understood that the main customers of Liuhetang are collectors and entrepreneurs, and some may buy gifts. Basically it is all about seeing what kind of paintings, or suggesting what kind of works are needed and looking directly at the shop.
In general, the shop buys paintings directly from the authors to ensure the authenticity of the works. Just now, the telephone is to have a master who wants to find a masterpiece of the size of a four-foot bucket, but does not put forward specific requirements for the writer's work. He only says good things.
Afterwards, Ms. Jing told reporters in a difficult light: “Now Chinese people have more money, and domestic purchasing power is stronger, and the popularization of painting and calligraphy has caused the phenomenon of “more money and less things.” There are many entrepreneurs and coal recently in the store. Bosses or middle-level business leaders come to buy paintings, and the bids are not low. We also want to make this money, but the reality today is: There are too many people and too few things. The money is really not something you want to earn.”
When it comes to the reasons why there are few things on the market, many shopkeepers stated that in the past, many contemporary painters took a lot of money from the store's money. The number of works flowing into the market each year is very large, so the price is relatively cheap.
However, the current market is a good work, and the painter will not easily take it out. Even if he does, the price for selling it to the gallery is already the same as the market price. In addition, the "production" of famous artists is not high.
2, the original person to raise the store
In fact, during the five years in which Luhetang was in the Dazhongsi Aijia Collectibles Market, the business was not very good at first. The operation in the first three years was very sluggish. It took a whole day in the shop and there was not necessarily a guest. Home. When the business is good, one month will barely sell one, and the backlog is really quite a lot.
But in these two years, especially this year, with the booming market for art investment, the business is also getting better. In addition to previous repeat customers, there are more and more faces to buy paintings.
Now basically two or three paintings can be sold in one month. The number of guests who come to the store every day is also quite a bit. Some good things that were accumulated in the past have now been recognized by others. If it used to be a "personal care shop," it can definitely be considered a "shopkeeper."
It is reported that in the Dazhongsi this collection of goods market, there are many shops like Liuhetang, roughly calculating more than 50, of which a large part of the stores are from professional origin, or in their own creation.
Most of the stores have experienced a different degree of sales growth as the collectibles market has gone higher this year. In the words of various stores, in such a highly competitive environment, unprofitable businesses will naturally withdraw from the market.
3, prices skyrocketing, gallery owners sigh, rose faster than housing prices
When it comes to the ever-rising price of art, Ms. Liu Hetang said that at the beginning, many collectors did not consider the market value and appreciation of the work, and they liked to buy it back. I did not expect to go crazy this year. Reluctant to sell, not to increase the value of money earned is indeed a considerable number.
“In 2005, we collected a work of Shi Guoliang, a contemporary Chinese painter. At that time, we spent 8,000 yuan. In 2006, 40,000 yuan was sold to a collector, earning 32,000 yuan a year.” Miss Jing said.
However, this year, the market value of this painting has risen to 240,000 yuan, and the average annual increase has reached 50,000 yuan. Now it's a little regretting to sell it so early. I didn't expect this artwork to rise faster than house prices.
4, expert opinion, is still the average level, one billion will be just around the corner
According to the Yachang Index, this year's spring auction market, the volume of Chinese paintings is currently at its highest point since 2000, reaching as much as RMB 409.194 million, an increase of 31% from RMB 9653.30 million in the previous quarter.
According to incomplete statistics, the number of billions of works is as high as more than 20, marking the arrival of the 100 million yuan era. Even in the bidding process, the bidding has begun to increase in tens of millions.
Yang Jun, from the office of the Art Assessment Committee of the Culture Market Development Center of the Ministry of Culture, told the reporter that with the current investment market, with the development of China’s economy, the money in the hands of both companies and individuals has multiplied and used to invest. There will be more and more money on it.
In the art market, the value-added space has always been relatively large, so it is normal for investors to invest hot money in the art market. Now it is only an average level. In the short-term future, let alone hundreds of millions, the one billion will be just around the corner.
When talking about the sudden rise of the painting and calligraphy market, Yang Jun said that the traditional art of Chinese painting and calligraphy, whether it is artistic value or collection value, belongs to the national treasure level and is unique.
In addition, after being photographed, it will generally continue to circulate on the market through exchange of goods or other means, which in turn makes it possible to add value.
5, background news
According to the latest research report provided by the AMRC Art Market Analysis and Research Center on July 4th, this year's art market “spring shoot”, Hong Kong Sotheby’s, Hong Kong’s Christie’s, China’s Guardian, Beijing Poly, Beijing’s Shishi, and Beijing Hanhai 6 The total turnover of the auction company reached 11.604 billion yuan, far exceeding the 6.375 billion yuan in the same period of 2009, mainly in the calligraphy and painting market. The influx of hot money into the art market is becoming mainstream.
According to statistics from 2009, the per capita GDP of Beijing exceeded the 10,000 US dollar mark for the first time, which created the conditions for the current market to form a sound art collection market.
Author: Art and Capital Market
Source: Art War
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